Time is running out to comment on access to the beaches of the Outer Banks

For all of us looking to protect our access to the beaches of the Outer Banks, it’s important that we send emails and comment. The bird side of this issue are overwhelming us in numbers, simply because they are sending in form emails. It’s easy, copy the text, click on the link and paste the comment. We need to do the same or we will lose what’s left of our access. Use the following text or make up your own. Forward this to everyone you know and let’s make them know that we’re out here.

Thank you, 

John Nachman

President, CCFW


The following is text that you may copy and paste into the comments section for the Park Service comments

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present my views on this important subject under consideration. Naturally loving to fish in the area of Hatteras Island, this matter is extremely important to myself and many other sportsmen. My preference would be to have all areas of the park open for full access at all times. But one must take into consideration the conservation side of this issue also. In my opinion a good balance can be achieved by choosing Alternative #3, but if not achievable, then Alternative #2 would be acceptable!

This is a link to the Park Service site to paste the above or make your own comments:


See below for more information:

Cape Hatteras Anglers Club

Let’s work together on a problem that affects us all (BEACH ACCESS)

At last night’s Buxton meeting with NPS about 75 folks or so showed up. Mostly locals but all of us on the same page. We want more access. Dave Hallac, the park superintendent did a good job of presenting and talking and excusing NPS. The main thrust of the meeting over and over came back to how many letters the other side has generated on this issue. So, a bunch of rings through their nose environmentalist led by multi millionaire lobbyist are now going to rule the National Park Service simply by filling out form letters. Not on my watch.

You have until March 16 to write a letter. The easiest way is to go to NPS’s PEPC website and do it by email.     http://parkplanning.nps.gov/projectHome.cfm?projectID=59571

You can also get there by going to Island Free Press.

When you get there, go to the document list and then down to alternatives and take a read. When you get ready to comment, click on the Select a Document to review or the EA for the Consideration of Modifications.

I really think you have to take a look at the alternatives. I like 3 until I get to Permits and then I like 2. What nobody likes is that there is no alternative access being provided for Cape Point. Besides the fact that I think NPS is using this to dodge the fact that all of the Vehicle Free Areas are unused and too big in area and too hard to get to, the real issue is Cape Point. Dave Hallac tried to ration out the fact that the hook, cove, or south side of Cape Point is a nesting site for birds the real fact is that NPS just does not want to do the right thing. The VFA on the south side is 3 miles or so long and is inaccessible except by ORV. Cape Point was closed for half of last year and mostly for one non endangered chick and then for flooding from the east side. Had we been able to come from the NPS back road to the Old Bone road and out the south beach we would have had a lot more time to fish and recreate on the Point. We would do that with absolutely no pedestrians in sight. All of the inlets and Cape Point’s hook are simply unused.

To write the superintendent by mail:

Cape Hatteras National Seashore
1401 National Park Drive
Manteo, NC 27952

I think also since we are using ORV funds to build so many parking areas for pedestrians that it is time they step up and have a permit to walk in VFAs. A $25 permit and then NPS begins to get a feel for how many folks are really using the areas and they get more money to spend on access for pedestrians instead of leaving it up to us to pay it all.

Bob Eakes

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