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New! UFWDA Announces the Land Use Bulletin!

United Four Wheel Drive Associations is pleased to announce the launch of our
new land use tool, the UFWDA Land Use Bulletin. The idea is to keep everyone informed about land use related topics on a regular basis.

For anyone interested in the land use happenings across the country, subscribe to the “UFWDA Bulletin”. This new feature allows land use news, info, and alerts to be sent directly to you via email. It’s free, it’s quick, and it’s easy…so sign up today! You can sign up for the Land Use Bulletin on the right side of our website.

NEW! UFWDA Announces the Land Use Committee!

United Four Wheel Drive Associations has created a Land Use Committee made up of land use directors across the nation. The Land Use Committee will provide the chance to gather information and better assist one another other on issues facing each region and/or state.

The purpose for such a committee is to bring all of the land use directors together on a regular basis and is open to all Land Use Directors or interested parties. During this time, we can discuss situations occurring in each of our areas. Which will allow us to keep our attorney informed on which issues need to be addressed. It will also allow us to share ideas on actions that have been effective in certain areas as well as ways that may not have worked. The Land Use Committee will allow an opportunity to come up with new and improved ways to become more efficient and effective in all of our land use efforts.

The Land Use Committee had the first conference call in September with a few charter members. The charter members plan to hold the next call in October, 2010 which is open to all Land Use Directors and interested parties.

I hope you take the opportunity to become apart of this great committee. I am positive that once we all put our heads together, we can make a huge difference!

For more information on the Land Use Committee or to find out how to get involved please email landuse [at] UFWDA looks forward to working with each and every one of you in order to help save our trails!

New! UFWDA Announces the Communications Committee

United Four Wheel Drive Associations is working hard to communicate more effectively and efficiently with our members. The communications committee was formed to allow members to be a part of the process and to let us know what forms of communication they would like to see from UFWDA.

The first meeting was held in August 2010 and many great ideas were born in that meeting. Be sure to keep an eye out on our website for the latest forms of communication from UFWDA.

If you are interested in giving the communications committee feedback or suggestions please email