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July 2012 eNews

  • UFWDA annual meeting this month,
  • RTP reauthorized for two more years,
  • ULAF administration role,
  • Peoria officials clarify OHV concerns,
  • Autonomous braking a must for EuroNCAP 5-star rating?
  • SFNF Decision Closes 70% of Existing Road and Trail,
  • Recreation statistics!
  • Second Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

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June 2012 eNews

  • The UFWDA annual meeting in July
  • Jeep Brand to support PA Jeeps All-Breeds Jeep Show
  • ULAF administration role
  • House votes to restore OHV access to Cape Hatteras
  • An American Trails alert on RTP
  • Fat Boys Jeepers hold 1st Annual 4xKIDS JAM
  • AAWDC-SA newsletter June 2012
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid Certification Course
  • Second Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival
  • UFWDA Voice ‘Spring’ edition
  • National Environmental Policy Act: Categorical Exclusions

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May 2012 eNews

  • The UFWDA annual meeting in July;
  • 2012 UFWDA SOP’s announced;
  • ULAF administration role;
  • First Hatteras, now Currituck aims to curb ORV access;
  • AAWDC-SA newsletter April 2012;
  • 4WD Victoria newsletter;
  • Help improve Arizona’s outdoor recreation by participating in the SCORP survey;
  • Second Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival;
  • UFWDA quick survey;
  • JPFreek Adventure Magazine;
  • Cal4Wheeler News;
  • Michigan is asking for support of their legislative agenda;

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April 2012 eNews

  • Get rid of hippies, save the planet
  • ATV Opponents Lose Suit Over Minnesota Forest
  • UFWDA Awareness Training
  • UFWDA’s Six Week Southwest Odyssey
  • Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival
  • JPFreek Adventure Magazine
  • Cal4Wheeler News
  • Four Wheel Drive Owners Invited To Follow Pioneers WagonTracks
  • UFWDA ‘Spring’ Voice material
  • UFWDA and Tellico, a brief history
  • UFWDA saddened by death of activist
  • The great outdoors should be great for everyone
  • UFWDA ‘forum’
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February 2012 eNews

  • Support RTP in the Senate now!
  • Late breaking RTP update!!!
  • Washington DC overview of Planning Rule
  • UFWDA quick survey
  • From DC…. America’s Great Outdoors Initiative
  • Washington DC summary
  • VA4WDA winter newsletter
  • Local Community Group Challenges New National Park Service Off-Road Vehicle Restrictions at Cape Hatteras
  • 2012 UFWDA Annual General Meeting.
  • AAWDC-SA February newsletter
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January 2012 eNews

  • Protecting Four Wheel Drive Recreation Access in Areas Proposed for Wilderness Designation in Congress.
  • UFWDA quick survey.
  • 4×4 and Light Truck RTP funding short changed by error.
  • Recovery straps, a UFWDA thought…
  • The Safe Use of Vehicle Recovery Straps.
  • OHV Advocates Challenge Forest Service Road Closings.
  • Recreation Article to appear in Law Book.
  • Greater Sage-Grouse as a Federal weapon.
  • Did you see the offer by JPFreek Adventure Magazine?
  • Sierra Club loses 2nd round in dunes fight.
  • GLFWDA Land Use Committee Report– Winter 2011.
  • Environmental Assessment for Tonto National Forest Motorized Travel Management.
  • 2012 UFWDA Annual General Meeting.

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November 2011 eNews

  • RTP – U.S. Senate Votes on Proposal for Trail Funding
  • UFWDA quick survey
  • Here we go again: Recreational opportunities at risk
  • Google’s Autonomous Car Takes To The Streets
  • Report: Roads, not clear-cutting, to blame for erosion in California
  • FWD Victoria ‘Track Watch’
  • TNF Plans to Re-Issue Vehicle Use Maps
  • America’s Great Outdoors Initiative Ignores Motorized Recreation
  • Cal4’s newest edition of ‘In Gear’
  • Interactive Recreation Maps a Great Improvement to Forest Service Websites
  • GOP Lawmakers Challenge White House on ‘Scientific Misconduct’
  • UFWDA Voice autumn edition

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October 2011 eNews

  • RTP Re-authorization- New UPDATE
  • Cape Hatteras Access Preservation Alliance Submits Comments
  • Find your Public Servants here
  • ATLANTIS DUNES… Southern Africa
  • Montana’s Lewis and Clark National Forest
  • Tahoe National Forest issues MVU maps
  • Temporary OBX Bridge is Almost Complete
  • Cal4Wheel Action Center now Live
  • Dune dust study called a little murky
  • Something for next summer in the USA
  • GroupSnoop
  • UFWDA Voice Autumn edition material

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September 2011 eNews

In this issue of eNews…

Recreational Trails Program,

RTP Re-authorization UPDATE,

UFWDA landuse committee,

The Mounds ORV Park,

Four Wheelin’ with Feelin’,

Cooperative Agreement Signed,

Grant Agreement  Signed,

UFWDA Voice Summer edition,

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August 2011 eNews

In this issue of eNews…

  • A growing issue associated with Trout Unlimited (TU) :
  • Virginia 4X4 Expo August 27, 2011:
  • Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan:
  • Recreational Access Council of California:
  • Beach patrols aim to protect Corolla’s wild horses:
  • Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook:
  • Australian updates:
  • Forest travel plan upheld on appeal — with a caveat:
  • Forest Service asks judge to toss lawsuit:
  • UFWDA Voice Summer coming soon:
  • Maratoto Loop 2009 video:
  • Cape Hatteras ORV Proposed Rule
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