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Title: ? about Alabama RTP and Article in The Voice
Post by: Roger Blank on February 27, 2006, 10:35:07 am
In the latest issue of The Voice, Bob Fuller stated that Alabama is working on it's first PUBLIC 4x4 area. I belong to the RI committee that distributes RTP funds and we've just designated about $450,000 for motorized trails this year. A HUGE 1st in RI. I'm curious as to some of the details about the area. How will it be managed? How is access allowed? Is there a sticker program? Items of that nature. We're on the vwerge of something great here in RI and I'm looking for some insight and advise.


Title: Re: ? about Alabama RTP and Article in The Voice
Post by: Robert Fuller on February 27, 2006, 11:11:38 am

The specifics of the RTP funded area in Cullman haven't been ironed out yet, there has been no formal submittal for a park plan yet, just acquisition of the lands. It will most probably be modeled after the Minooka park in Clanton (also funded by RTP funds but currently limited to motorcycles and ATVs). The plan for the Minooka park came from NOHVCC and is cited by NOHVCC as a national model for OHV Parks. Basically in addition to riding trails, Minooka has a pond that will be stocked for fishing with a couple of piers (handicapped accessable) along with a walking trail around the pond. There will be a nature conservation education building which will also serve as living quarters for the park manager. There will be primitive camping and some limited developed camping (water/electric). There will be a day use fee at Minooka. Now not all of these would necessarially apply at Cullman (and it is a different county with different individuals so anything is possiable).  What I forsee is a day use fee for the area collected by either on site staff or fee tubes. I don't see much possiabilities for nature education here as the initial land is an old landfill and some of the land planned for possiable additional acquisition is abandoned strip mines. Also just down the road from the park area is an RV park so I doubt there will be much in the way of camping sites either. I have some personal ideas of what I would like to see here, but it is something that will have to be worked thru with the county commission as they are utlimately responsible for the management as it is essentially a county park.

As to access, there will be one entrance area that will be gated to control access. The state has no sticker program, however there have been bills in the legislature for the past 5 years trying to implement one.

Here is an article from the Voice on the Texas RTP program that may give you some more insight also:

Here is the website for the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition:

One point to remember with respect to the RTP program is that it varies from state to state in management and requirements. Each state is guided by an advisory committee that can direct how the funds are used.


Title: Re: ? about Alabama RTP and Article in The Voice
Post by: Roger Blank on February 27, 2006, 08:22:55 pm
Excellent Robert thank you!. I'm going to look into the Minooka Park and see where that takes me. RI is also in very preliminary stages. We've set aside more than half of our FY '06 RTP funds for the "possible development or aquisition of land potentially suitable for motorized recreation" But having a multi-use park as a model can make a huge impression.

I'm well aware of the RTP requirements both federal and locally. I've been on the committee for over a year now. Unfortunately many people on the committee need to be re-educated to the rules and requirements. I'm more than happy to show them the way.  ;D

Thank you for your help and I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future.