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Here is a good link to the location of the RAC's:
Use these links to see when they are having meetings in your area.  These are becoming more prevelent to help the local forest or land manager, manage the public lands they are responsible for.


The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management are either using advisory committees established for other purposes (such as BLM Resource Advisory Councils) or Forest Service established Recreation RACs that were originally chartered (145 KB PDF) in September 2006.

This map shows how states are grouped and which states use which advisory committees. Below the map is a detailed description of each advisory committee.

FOREST SERVICE ESTABLISHED RECREATION RACsEastern Recreation RAC - Covers the eastern states of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

For more information on this Recreation RAC contact Eastern Regional Office.
Southern Recreation RAC - Covers the southern states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico.

For more information on this Recreation RAC contact Southern Regional Office.
The first meeting of the Southern Recreation RAC is being held April 9-11 in Alanta, Georgia. A news release (47 KB PDF) announcing the meeting time and location and draft agenda (112 KB PDF) are available.
Pacific Northwest Recreation RAC - Covers the states of Oregon and Washington.

PNW Recreation RAC Web Page
For more information on this Recreation RAC contact Pacific Northwest Regional Office.
Pacific Southwest Recreation RAC - Covers the state of California.

California Recreation RAC Web Page
For more information on this Recreation RAC contact Pacific Southwest Regional Office.
Rocky Mountain Recreation RAC - Covers the states of Colorado and Kansas.

For more information on this Recreation RAC contact Rocky Mountain Region.
BLM RESOURCE ADVISORY COUNCILSEach state listed below has one or more BLM RAC. National Forests and BLM districts are working with these individual RACs on recreation fee proposals. Click on the links below to visit web pages about those RACs and to view their current membership and agendas.

Arizona: Arizona BLM RAC

Idaho: Coeur d'Alene BLM RAC, Boise District BLM RAC, Idaho Falls BLM RAC, and Twin Falls BLM RAC.

Montana: Central BLM RAC, Eastern BLM RAC, and Western BLM RAC.

Nevada: Mojave-Southern Great Basin BLM RAC, Northeastern Great Basin BLM RAC, Sierra Front-Northwestern Great Basin BLM RAC.

New Mexico (in addition these National Grasslands are also working with this RAC; Black Kettle, McClellan Creek, and Rita Blanca): New Mexico BLM RAC.

North Dakota and South Dakota (Except for Black Hills National Forest): Dakotas BLM RAC.

Utah: Utah BLM RAC.

EXISTING ADVISORY BOARDOne National Forest is using an already established advisory board:

Black Hills National Forest using Forest Advisory Board

NOT USING AN ADVISORY BODYIn consultation with the governors of the states of Alaska, Nebraska and Wyoming, the Secretary of Agriculture decided not to establish a Recreation RAC.

IT IS A RESULT OF LISTENINGTo help develop a workable committee system to carry out these advisory duties, the Forest Service and BLM held 11 listening sessions in Idaho, Oregon, California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Washington, DC in June and July of 2005. The agencies heard from key partners, organizations, and existing BLM and Forest Service Resource Advisory Council members. A consistent theme of those meetings was controlling the costs of the committees and the effective use of existing advisory committees.

After these public meetings, numerous conversations with congressional staff, internal agency analysis, and legal review, the Forest Service and BLM established the Recreation RAC organization detailed above that has been approved by both the Department of Interior and the Department of Agriculture.
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Re: Recreation Resource Advisory Committee - Organization and Links
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More info on RAC's here:

Recreation Resource Advisory Committees


·Recreation Fees and Passes Home

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·About Recreation Fees


·Recreation Resource Advisory Committees (You are here.)

·National Pass Comparison

·National Recreation Pass FAQs

·Other Recreation Fee Related Links



Recreation Resource Advisory CommitteesYou are here: Home > Passes & Permits > Recreation Fees and Passes > Recreation Resource Advisory Committees

The Federal Land Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) gives the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Interior the authority to establish, modify, charge and collect recreation fees at Federal recreational lands. REA also requires the Secretaries to establish Recreation Resource Advisory Committees (Recreation RACs).


The Recreation RACs are Federal Advisory Committees. They provide recommendations on recreation fee proposals on federal lands managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM). All meetings of Recreation RACs are open to the public and include opportunities for public comment.

The Forest Service and BLM signed an interagency agreement (29 KB PDF) to enable both agencies to use existing BLM Resource Advisory Councils (RACs), where appropriate, or new Recreation RACs chartered (145 KB PDF) by the Forest Service.


For a complete explanation of the advisory committee organization, including links to each Advisory Committee web site, click on map.



What They Do:

The Recreation RACs provide recommendations on implementing or eliminating standard amenity fees, expanded amenity fees, and non-commercial individual special recreation permit fees; expanding or limiting the recreation fee program; and fee level changes (increases or decreases).

What They Do Not Do:

Recreation RACs do not make recommendations on recreation fee sites operated by a concessionaire or contractor, commercial permits such as outfitting and guiding, or Forest Service special use permits and BLM special recreation permits issued for group events such as bike races.


Forest Service established Recreation RACs, consist of 11 members who represent the following interests as indicated in REA:

Five people who represent recreation users and include as appropriate:
Winter motorized
Winter non-motorized
Summer motorized
Summer non-motorized
Hunting and fishing
Three people who represent interest groups that include as appropriate:
Motorized outfitters and guides
Non-motorized outfitter and guides
Local environmental groups
Three people, one in each position:
State tourism official
A person who represents affected local government interests
A person who represents affected Indian tribes' issues
Existing Advisory Committees, such as the BLM Resource Advisory Councils, will retain their current membership. However these advisory council may consider establishing subcommittees specifically to address recreation fees.


The Forest Service will solicit applications for membership on a periodic basis as terms of members end or positions are vacated. If you are interested in applying for a Recreation RAC, visit Recreation RAC Application Materials for step by step instructions and contact information for the region where you would like to apply.
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Re: Recreation Resource Advisory Committee - Organization and Links
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Todd, I applied to represent summer motorized recreation on the Southern RRAC, but was not selected.  The meetings at held in the Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.  I suspect they selected someone who resides closer.
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Re: Recreation Resource Advisory Committee - Organization and Links
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Myself and all the other users in the area should commend you for stepping up for this valuable volunteering position. 

If you need a recommendation from me, or us at UFWDA, I am sure we can do that. 
I would try and attend all the meetings you can, to get your name in front of them on a continuing basis, then I think you will have a better chance of being selected. 

Good luck, and thanks for stepping up.

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