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Bobby Spencer:
I think it would be good to have an "off topic" forum.... kind of a chit chat .keep it clean though........ It would be a way for everyone to get to know each other a little bit better

UFWDA Forum Admin:
Okay Bobby we will give it a shot....  The original intent of this forum was to discuss UFWDA business, but there are probably enough members now to have some side conversations.... so let's give it a try.

The Sidebar -

Off topic discussions.. introductions.. meet & greets.. thoughts and ideas.. pretty much anything not covered someplace else. Keep it clean and respectful or it will be deleted.

Todd Ockert:
Good idea Bobby :)

I think it will be nice for people to be able to post introductions, and show what they wheel out on the dirt.

Thanks for taking care of this Shawn.


Bobby Spencer:


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