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Eldorado NF and Rubicon Trail Information
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The Forest Service is complying with a court order to keep all wheeled motorized travel in the Eldorado National Forest on system roads and trails. Beginning August 25, 2005, wheeled motor vehicles are allowed to operate only on the 2,200 miles of system roads and motorized trails shown as open on the new Motorized Vehicle Restrictions Map, available free-of-charge. The National Forest Transporation System of roads includes paved, graveled and dirt roads. Paved roads are legal assuming the vehicle is licensed to operate on a highway. All other routes have been closed by court order and interim Forest Order.


Forest Order #03-05-07 Forest Order #03-05-07 (PDF, 9kb) -

Recreation Opportunity Guide for using Motorized Vehicles on the Eldorado National Forest:
Using Motorized Vehicles - Recreation Opportunity Guide (PDF, 739kb): (
- Review this document to find out how the Wheeled Motor Vehicle Restrictions may affect your visit to the Eldorado National Forest.

Press Release - August 18, 2005 (PDF, 94kb) (
New Eldorado National Forest Wheeled Motorized Vehicle Travel Regulations

The Motor Vehicle Restrictions Map is now available free-of-charge at all Eldorado National Forest offices. (