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Adopt a Road annual clean-up day in October


Peter Vahry:
A couple of years ago UFWDA instigated the first Saturday in October each year as the date for a group effort to push the concept of Adopt a Road.

It would be good to continue that effort as it is creating interest internationally too, with interest from Queensland Australia and New Zealand 4WD associations in promoting the concept.

An advantage of having an "annual" event date is that it creates a better opportunity to reach the media but does not preclude any other ongoing efforts by four wheelers to improve our world.

Any interest in promoting this existing concept a bit more?

Melissa Simmons:

I think it is a great concept and don't recall hearing about this before.  Obviously, it will require some PR and some legwork....and something that maybe should have gone out in the last Voice.  Is it too late?


Peter Vahry:
In celebration of our commitment to conservation for four wheel drive access for generations to come, United has declared the first Saturday in October of each year as a coordinated adopt-a-road event worldwide. We encourage all of our members to start this program if you havenít already and then schedule at least one adopt-a-road event for the first Saturday in October each year. The first annual event will be held October 1, 2005!

That's off our website.

Has anyone given any thought to organizing an event for this year anywhere? We need to identify some activities on which to hang some press releases around etc.etc.

I will push the concept in the Sept e-News but it is possible that Voice would be too late to effectively promote it this year. I'd hope that if someone does do a clean-up that they will take photos and write something for Voice anyway.


Pat Brower:
The Two Trackers 4WD Club has been performing Adopt-A-Forest clean ups on the 3rd Saturday of April for the last 9 years.
We have currently adopted 10,850 acres of NFS land spanning three townships, and we added over 30 miles of "Unimproved" roads to our Adoption efforts in 2006.

We LOVE the idea and it acts as a GREAT way to get to know your NFS and DNR in a 'more positive light'.

We prefer spring to fall because it is easier to see the trash to be removed.

Peter Vahry:
Thanks Pat for your association's efforts and when October was set, it didn't fully take into account the question of leaf fall that some regions obviously get. October does work for many other areas fortunately, including the international connections.

Part of the theory behind setting a particular day is to get the combined effect of many press releases hitting the media and so drawing attention to the fact that four wheelers are getting out and doing "good works" in the community. For that reason, even though it may be a less practical exercise for some groups, it may be that they organize what may be a 'token" clean-up and use that to emphasize their other efforts. In that way we get that valued volume of activities and emphasis that it's not just once a year that four wheelers put in that sort of effort.

I realize that it's late this year to be promoting this project again but even some awareness this year might translate into something bigger in 2008.



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