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Tammy Lynn Van Gemert:
Our Association has a similar program called the Safety Patrol Program which we started in 2001 in conjunction with the NH State Department of Fish & Game. Our program involved volunteers participating in a training class that also included a basic first aid session facilitated by a member who was a licensed EMT. The program was very successful.
However, the person who initiated that program has left our Association and has claimed rights to the materials. We have made several attempts to work this out but have not had much success. I am thinking we could just move on and utilize the VTP. What would we need to do in order to make that happen? I am guessing the first step would be to organize a training session and if so what would be the availability and who would we work with?

UFWDA Forum Admin:
Tammy currently the contact for VTP is Carla.. She checks the forum everyday but in case she misses it feel free to drop her an e-mail attorney@ufwda.org or call her at 757-546-7969.

- Shawn

Carla Boucher:
Tammy, I have conducted many training sessions via teleconference.  Or if you would like we can try doing it via a webinar.  The conferencing service we use for telephone conferences is free to the callers, except for any long-distance charges they would normally occur when calling out-of-state (if any).  We can have up to 50 callers.

If you are interested in doing this it would be most helpful for you to prepare a list of attendees, collect the fee, and correspond with me so that I can ship packages to each participant in advance of the training.  The cost is $30.00/person and I need each participants name, address, phone, and t-shirt size.  Each kit contains one tee, one antenna flag, 2 vehicle decals, printed VTP handbook and training materials.  The cost is a one-time fee, the training is forever. 

If you would like to preview the program please e-mail me directly with your shipping address and t-shirt size and you and I can do a one-on-one training and you can present the program to your association for their approval. 

I can be flexible to meet your needs during the evening or on weekends if that works best for either a group teleconference or one-on-one training. 


Tammy Lynn Van Gemert:
Thank you for responding. Are these really the only options? I was hoping for a more formal training session. I am not sure if I will be able to sell a teleconference or webinar as much as I would be able to for a session where someone is physically doing the training. Do you have anything such as a "Train the Trainer" type method such as the course we have done with Tread Lightly! ? For instance, if I took the course would I be able to bring this back and facilitate a training session? You might want to look into something like that. It would be much more convenient.

We have several members who would be interested but would be intimidated by a teleconference or webinar. There are quite a few who don't have access to facilitate those options. Expecting someone to pay $30 and long-distance charges, (since most people do not have unlimited long-distance plans) for what I would assume would be at least a half hour call, doesn't seem like much of a benefit for this program.

I am checking with my BOD to see if we would be interested in going forward with this.

Michael White:
Thanks to Tammy and Carla!
I attended the Saturday afternoon webinar in Worcester, MA, it was great.
Great materials and very well thought out presentation by Carla.


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