Author Topic: Muskegon County, Michigan Upholds Citizen's Right to Access Its Unimproved Roads  (Read 1441 times)

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I received confirmation from Ken Hulka, Manager, Muskegon County Road Commission that the Muskegon CRC has moved to uphold citizen's right to utilize all of the County's road system.

While conducting their annual Adopt-A-Forest and Adopt-A-Road event, the Two Trackers Four Wheel Drive Club found six 'Unimproved' County roads that were illegally obstructed without the County Road Commission's knowledge.

The CRC granted the Two Trackers permission to remove all of the obstructions. Five were removed successfully. One experienced 'complications' that required the CRC's involvement.

Three obstructions were replaced within a week and a letter was received from the adjoining land owner's attorney stating that it was his client's view that the roads in question were abandoned.

The County Road Commission and the Township both insist that they have not been abandoned and are legal roads that should be open to the public.

Mr. Hulka confirms that the process required to remove the obstruction from the road that experienced 'complications' had been approved by the Commission and that road would be open by next spring/ summer. He further verified that those roads that were immediately re-obstructed would be cleared by the end of the year with an accompanying letter from the CRC's Attorney informing the landowner's attorney that the CRC has NO record of ANY abandonment approval for any of the roads in question. They are County Roads and their obstruction is a crime.

This effort, combined with the Two Tracker's effort, will have the net effect of adding 7 miles of unimproved, two track roads and 8 decision points to the "rustic" public transportation system.

A "Decision Point" is an intersection where a driver must 'decide' which way to go. The more decision points in a system, the less likely users are to encounter one another. This creates a more secluded, 'rustic' experience.
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