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Daniel Schraeder:
A neat thing for this website would be a map with all open "unmaintained" or "abandoned" roads for 4-wheeling and/or a map of OHV areas and off-road parks.

Melissa Simmons:

Thanks for the suggestion.  It is in fact going to be a topic of a Board of Directors meeting we are having at the beginning of December.  More on that topic SOON!


Daniel Schraeder:
Is there any new news on this as a possibility?  Is anyone else interested in seeing this feature?

Todd Ockert:
What kind of maps are you looking for?

Most good topo software, you can print a map of the area you want to wheel in.

If someone has an area that they want printed, or saved, I can do it from my Garmin topo software.

If you want other maps posted here, I do have access to a scanner, and can scan a map and make it a JPG or other format.



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