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Comments needed to make this happen.
Please read the full word document and make comments to the ranger district.

Thanks Rob for bringing this to our attention, and good work up here on this trail system.



The Flathead National Forest has received numerous requests to consider expansion of motorized trail recreational opportunities on the Forest.  Currently the Forest has approximately 150 miles of trails open to motor vehicle use.  All of these motorized trails are also open to foot, horse and bicycle use.  Of these miles, approximately 125 miles prohibit all motorized vehicles except motorcycles, 13 miles allow motorcycles and other motor vehicles 50 or less in width, and only the Blacktail/Wild Bill OHV trail is open to full-size motor vehicles. 

The Blacktail/Wild Bill OHV trail is a National Recreational Trail, approximately 12 miles in length located on the Island Unit of the Swan Lake Ranger District, near Blacktail Mountain Ski Area.  In the recent past, motorized user groups have formalized partnerships with the Forest Service in the maintenance and improvement of this small trail system. 

In addition to the Blacktail/Wild Bill trail the Island Unit has an extensive road system, much of which is currently closed to motor vehicle use.  We are considering expanding the Blacktail/Wild Bill Trail and adding additional motorized trail opportunities through a combination of opening existing closed roads and constructing some new trail segments in the Island Unit area.  The goal would be to create motorized loop trail opportunities to add to the limited amount of motorized trail the Forest currently offers.   

The specific areas detailed below in the Island Unit are being considered for these potential trails. The proposed trail loops are suggested because of the existing closed roads in the areas, the ease of the access to the areas from Kalispell, and because we think it may be possible to manage motorized trails in the areas proposed with acceptable resource impacts to wildlife, plants, fisheries, and watersheds.

Actual creation of such a trail system would first require analysis of environmental and social effects. This letter is to solicit your opinions and suggestions prior to more refined development of the proposal.
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