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New Crop of Volunteer Leaders Hit the Trails

Contact:  Del Albright (209) 304-7693
or Randy Burleson (916) 223-1608
Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship Workshop (VLLS)

21 Students Complete 2007 Volunteer Leader
& Land Stewardship (VLLS) Workshop

(Robbs Valley Resort, November 11, 2008).  The Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) completed the third Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Workshop – the only one of its kind in the country. Twenty-one students graduated from this three-day boot camp on leadership in land use and access. Del Albright developed the course and was the lead instructor.

Held at Robbs Valley Resort near the Rubicon Trail of California, this workshop was completely sponsored by businesses and organizations.  Students attended free.  Food, lodging, and course costs for the VLLS class were sponsored by the Rubicon Trail Foundation with assistance from Adam Ant Creations (, Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC), California Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs Foundation, and Jeepers Jamboree. These sponsors stepped up to help train the future leaders to keep our trails open, and RTF is already planning another VLLS workshop at Robbs Valley Resort during November 2008.

The course focused on helping volunteers learn to lead other volunteers so as to ensure the long term viability of recreational (motorized) sports and access.  VLLS also teaches leaders how to avoid burnout in volunteers, while developing membership in clubs and groups.  Much attention was given in this class to developing and organizing Friends type groups in National Forests.  The overall objective is to help volunteers lead other volunteers to victory!

Students were mostly from California, with one from Nevada and one from Colorado.  Teams were designed to integrate special skills of each student. The 2007 “leadership boot camp” had four Teams as follows (each Team developed their own unique name):

* Rock Rhandii's: Dale Robins, Joe Sand, Kurt Schneider, Rick Ferdon, Shannon Chard, and Sherry Stortroen
* Catalyst for Action: John Gillmore, Jacquelyn Theisen, Ken Upchurch, Kyra, and Rick Krause
* Area 52: Barb Olson-Arenz, Gene Ockert, George Richardson, John Arenz, and Kevin Carey
* Old Farts Wheelin': Gary Gambill, Gary White, Geoff Holloway, Ken Knull, and Ralph LaRossa.

One of the workshop outcomes was a team exercise wherein the students listed the top challenges that they saw for motorized recreation.  Those were: Access, Education, Image, Route Designation, Relationships, Ideology, Apathy, Environmental Impact, and Funding.

This roomful of incredible people represented a dizzying array of coalitions – proof of their solid foundation and commitment even before the class:
* Friends of Clear Creek Access (FOCC)   * Friends of Coy Hill (FOCH)
* Friends of Eldorado National Forest (FOE)   * Friends of Fordyce (FOF)
* Friends of Foresthill OHV Trails (FOFOT)   * Friends of High Lakes (FOHL)
* Friends of Tahoe Forest Access (FOTFA)   * Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR)
* Stewards of the Sequoia (SOS)

The students had memberships in state and national organizations:
* American Motorcycle Association District 36 (AMA)
* Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA)
* Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC)
* California Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs (Cal4)
* Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO)
* California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA)
* National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC)
* United Four Wheel Drive Association (UFWDA) well as local and regional clubs and organizations:
* Auburn Jeep Club      * E Clampus Vitus (ECV)
* Esprit de Four      * Gold Prospecting Association
* Hanford Trail Riders   * Hummer Club
* Hummer X Club      * Jeepers Jamboree
* Kyburz Krawlers      * Las Vegas Valley Four Wheel Drive Club
* Nevada Backroaders   * Nevada County Woods Riders
* Pirates of the Rubicon   * Please Leave It NRA Klean (PLINK)
* Riders Under the Sun   * Rock n Roll 4x4 Club
* Rubicon 4WD Assoc.   * Rubicon Rockheads
* Sierra Treasure Hunters   * Southern Nevada Trail Riders
* White Pine 4x4      * Women in Recreation

Class members recreate by four wheel drive, motorcycle, OHV, snowmobile, and RV to responsibly access camping, fishing, hiking, horse-riding, hunting, mining, and riding pursuits. This new crop of trained leaders will make a huge difference in ensuring our access for the future. 

Del Albright has a write-up and photos online at

For more information on the Rubicon Trail Foundation, visit our website at
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Chris Boucher

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Congrats to the graduates...good luck teaching/spreading the word!

Do you know if class slots are reserved for those who live close to the Rubicon, or could some of us right coasters participate?  We need help on getting and keeping volunteers, as well as finding a cure for the apathy around here. ;)

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No it is open to anyone...

Note there is also an on-line course as well...

- Shawn
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I can talk to Del about possibly holding a class on the East Coast.  Would just need someone to work the logistics on this for about 20 participants, and three to 5 alumni to attend, and Del. 

Maybe a few more sponsors to pick up the cost of doing this workshop on the east coast could help off-set the expense of this course.

The last three have been held out here for ease of logisitics.  Robb's resort has donated the food and lodging for the attendies, and they only had to get there.  So, no cost to those attending.

I attended last year, and Gene went this year.  Lots of good info passed out.

I can bring my stuff from last year to the BOD meeting if anyone wants to look at this info.
I am also doing the online course also, and can bring that info as well.

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Hmmm...Maybe before, during, or after the UFWDA "Wheel In" event ???
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