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Cape Hatteras (NC) National Seashore Recreational Area
« on: December 31, 2007, 08:49:38 pm »
Jim Metzger of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association sends this letter to the NCBBA membership.

Your cooperation and response is appreciated.



Jim Keene, President                                                           January 1, 2008



Dear Members:

 I have tried to keep you informed of the progress or lack there of for Negotiated Rulemaking that is  taking place to guide the NPS in formulating ORV regulations needed for Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area.  The first “official” meetings of the committee are scheduled for January 3-4, 2008.  If successful during the next 2 or more years the committee members will formulate recommendations palatable to all parties involved, including the NPS.  If we are not successful the NPS will write these regulations with or without our input.

While the committee formulates acceptable recommendations, the NPS will, as required by NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act), develop the final ORV Management Plan for our seashore.  As required by NEPA the NPS must involve the general public through a series of public meetings and by accepting written comments from all interested citizens.  (WORKBOOK)

Are you interested in the future of Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area?

The NPS has released a workbook to be completed by the public as a means to be heard during these critical times.  You must obtain this workbook either on-line at

or …by attending a scheduled public meeting.  This workbook has 84 pages----don’t let it intimidate you!  (I guarantee the environmentalists will fill them out by the hundreds.)  The questions are multiple choice with space to enter your personal comments.  You don’t have to write letters or give speeches.  Work on it as your time allows but be sure it is returned via US mail or internet by  January 31, 2008.

 The swords are drawn, the fight is on and you must decide to join us or walk away.  Please help us maintain our rights of access to our National Seashore.



Jim Keene, President


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