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CO - Montrose Trails
« on: January 09, 2008, 04:50:28 pm »
email to:
or fax to: 970-240-5368

maps for viewing are available here:
click on the Dry Creek Travel Management link


Public comment is needed on the Dry Creek Travel Management Plan.

Translation = Send in comments for CACTUS, CACTUS 2, CALAMITY, DYE TRYING, SCRATCH & DENT, TOPLESS, TOPLESS 2 in order to keep those trails open.

Also send in your comments that you would like to see the new route called the BOULDER CANYON TRAIL open for public use.

Here is a general letter you can utilize for your comments:

Thank you for allowing me to review the Dry Creek Travel Management Plan. I am in support of Alternative 4.

1) I would like to see as many miles of motorized recreation access available for the Dry Creek Area. With the help of various clubs and individuals in the area and across the state I feel that sufficient volunteer hours can assist in managing the motorized routes. I also support the Stay The Trail program an wish to see ample information from STT and the BLM regarding trails within the area that are open for public access once the final plan is approved.

2) Regarding protection of natural resources and going from an area that was "open" to travel, an now going to a designated system of routes, in order to protect resources it is important that the public be educated on the resources, and in areas where endangered species live make the public aware so they can stay away from those particular areas.

3) Again, I support Alternative 4 as it is the best alternative for motorized recreation, and sustainability for system routes and natural resources.
Trails I would like to see included in the final decision are Route 262 - Boulder Canyon Trail, 652 - Scratch & Dent, 653 and 1080 which are the upper and lower portions of Scratch & Dent to remain open, 494 -Topless, 1123 - Topless 2 (but close this to single track and ATVs as it is not suitable for that form of travel as it is extreme rock crawling. This is a good spot to allow trials bikes as they seem to have been left out of every alternative.), 647 - 645 - 643 - Calamity Canyon, 492 - Die Trying, 489 - Cactus, 1121 - Upper Cactus. There are a number of routes that should remain open in order to access the trails mentioned above. The majority of the access roads are major thoroughfares for the power lines and/or county, but there are routes that should remain open in order to access the extreme 4-wheel drive trails in the Dry Creek area.

I am not only a motorized recreation user, but a viewer of wildlife and scenery. Many of the trails outlined above allow me to adventure to places I would not otherwise have seen if it were not for motorized recreation access.

Thank you for allowing me to comment on the Dry Creek Travel Management Plan. Please keep me on your mailing list so I can be updated on future comment periods for the Dry Creek Travel Management planning process.
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