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Sample Press Release issue

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Pat Brower:
When I click the link below, I get an error message.


Is it me, or is there an issue with the current page?

Thanks for your help!


UFWDA Forum Admin:
Pat the link is broken... that file appears to be missing.  Where did you get to that URL from?

We will get a note dropped to Milt.

- Shawn

Carla Boucher:
Pat, I can't explain why the link isn't working as all the other links are operational. 

I am on travel from CA to VA today and I do not have the document with me.  If Milt does not have the link restored by Friday I will send him the document again and I'll e-mail it directly to you too or post it here. 

I apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you for using the Adopt-a-Road information.


UFWDA Forum Admin:
Now I see the link is on this page.. http://www.ufwda.org/adopt-resources.htm

I will let Milt know.

- Shawn

UFWDA Forum Admin:
Pat you should be able to access the file now - the file has been uploaded (Thanks Milt) so the link works now.

- Shawn


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