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Paul Beck:
Can we create a forum asking for letters and comments to be sent to FS and BLM managers. I would take a minute to browse this forum and write a letter asking that certain trails and areas stay open. Doesn't matter that I haven't ever been there. It benefits us all to get letters in asking that areas not be closed down. And who knows when you might visit a place or even move there.

Just a thought.

Paul B
AKA Stockhardcorejeeper

Keith Holman:
IMO this would be duplicative of the Land Use forums which generally relay information about land use by geographic areas and are usually about meetings, proposals and comment periods.

Todd Ockert:

Thanks for the comments, and thanks for using the UFWDA forums.

At the present time, I would not want to duplicate any work that we all ready post here. 
I post info in the land use section about comment periods for the Forest Service, and BLM.

At the present time, I would rather leave that info there, and not make a duplicate area.



Frank McConnell:
Hey Paul,

I concur with both Todd and Kieth about duplication. The letter idea is a good one and could be put in the Land Use Forum, for other to use and send to the proper agencies.

Thanks for the good ideas


Peter Vahry:
Perhaps this might be something that the forum admin team could look at. There may be a flag system within the software that could mark topics where responses would be good, such as letters.



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