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CFSJC Adopts Dickey Bell at Uwharrie OHV Trail System


Jim Willett:
This will be our second year in the program and so far it has been a huge success. With the amount of trash we pick up I could not imagine what it would look like if no one had adopted the trail. Fixing the fences and marking the trails are just some of the work we do with other work done at the request of the FS. This past year the clubs that had adopted trails were given signs to mark the trail heads showing that they had adopted the trail. I for one am proud every time I pass our sign. This is a good program so let's keep it going.

Jim Willett

Todd Ockert:

Outstanding work by your and your club and members.
We need a lot more of this for the positive approach to keeping trails open. 
This is the in the grass work that clubs and organizations do that we need to publicize more of.
Any time you complete a work weekend, please send us some details and a few pics of the work done so we can put it in the magazine.



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