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Chris Hannis:
I took the training in April and was wondering when I would recieve my materials?

Do I need to contact my trainer, or does the material come from United?

Carla Boucher:
Chris, I will check on your materials specifically and provide an answer to you directly.  Generally speaking the materials are provided at the time of training.  However, a training was conducted in WI in August and also conducted in VA in September.  The t-shirt order from those two large workshops is still pending and will be fulfilled as soon as possible. 

I apologize for the inconvenience in waiting for your materials, which were pre-paid. 


Rick Smutny:
It's coming up on 3 months for me now.  How long does it take to get?  ???  Although my check hasn't been cashed yet either.

Marti Pugh:
Hi Rick,
I do not handle this part of the business for United Four Wheel Drive Associations, however, I will follow up on this for you and see if I can fix this situation. Sorry for the delay and I will do my best to take care of it. Thank you for your patience.

Rick Smutny:
Thanks Marti,

I was also hoping this was like lighting a cigarette while waiting for dinner. It always comes right away.  ;D


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