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UFWDA 4WD Awareness Training - Kalamazoo, MI

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Short notice but just received info.

September 19-21, 2008     (the 19 & 21 are optional activities days)

Chris Tefke, Master Trainer for UFWDA, is scheduled to be on site and conduct the training course.

I plan to attend.  Come and learn/refresh and have some FUN too!

Thanks,   ---Doug

Peter Vahry:
Hello Doug, thanks for the posting and it will be good to get the Awareness program rolling again. We've got another issue of Voice in the planning stage and curiously the material deadline is 25 Sept, so if you or someone else could grab some photos during the training and maybe wrap some words around them then we'd have a great basis for promoting further interest.


We'll see if we can Delegate that task to someone without a job.
Thanks for the reminder Peter.
  --- Doug


Not too late to attend.

Email your interest ti attend to Paul H at   PHittie1100@comcast.net

and bring your check or cash to the event.

Hope to see some of ya there,    ---Doug

UFWDA Forum Admin:
Made a link in the Calendar...


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