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Thanks to the guides and drivers in group 8


Chris Sine:
Guys, my faimily and I had a great time. The reason I enjoy jeep'n so much was demonstrated Friday with all of the winching and straping as everyone was pitching in even in the snow. Then on Saturday with lefty using a few sets of jumper cables and my battery to weld up a broken lower controll arm. I had a great time and will be back again. If you guys have any pics you can email me at chris_sine@hotmail.com I will see what shots I have and post them on my webshots.

John Nachman:
Hi Chris, thank you and the rest of the group for making my job easier as a guide. There are a few pictures here.. http://www.cj-8.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21943&page=4 from our group.


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