Author Topic: NM Governor Asks for Feedback on Raiding the OHV Fund  (Read 1688 times)

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NM Governor Asks for Feedback on Raiding the OHV Fund
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:26:35 am »
Yes, Governor Richardson wants to hear from you!
   Two days ago, I sent out an email update letting you know that the legislature had taken the $800,000 in the OHV fund (Trail Safety Fund) to help make up the State's budget deficit. 
   Many of you have asked, "What can we do?"  At the time, my answer was "Nothing," as the legislation was already on the Governor's desk for his signature.  That changed yesterday, now there is something each of us can do.
   The Governor has asked the citizens of New Mexico to let him know how they feel about the bills dealing with the deficit that are sitting on his desk.  The Governor has the authority to use a 'line item veto' on the legislation.  That means that is he can cross out bits and pieces of a bill and still sign the rest into law.
   Here is what each of you can do.  Contact the Governor's office and tell him that he should leave the $800,000 in the Trail Safety Fund.  Tell him that the Fund was established four years ago with fees paid for by a particular group of citizens for a specific purpose.  The State has not yet spent one single penny of the Fund for the benefit of the citizens that paid those fees.  Those citizens should be respected and the fund should only be spent as allowed by its legislation.
   Here is the contact information:

      The best option is to call the Governor's office directly at (505) 476-2200.

      You can also email the Governor directly:
    <> .

      You can also email his personal assistant at:

      Remember, the Governor ASKED us for our opinion on this issue.

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