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Pat Brower:
Thought I'd give you a heads up on the following posts I saw in 'new posts' when I logged on today.  I can't say they're spam for sure, as I didn't open them, but it sure looks "funny" to me.  :o
I'm not sure who has the pleasure of dealing with it, but I do appreciate all your hard work keeping things clean in here.  :-*
I'm on here quite regularly (even if my posts don't indicate it) and I can honestly say that this is the first time I've ever seen amything but pertinent material here.


Pat B

Here's a copy and paste of the "suspect" material:

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in Press Releases
ViagraFrancePharmacie 0 0
Today at 04:41:21 pm
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in Press Releases
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Peter Vahry:
Thanks Pat, Todd has been keeping the system pretty clean, but we seem to be a current target as we've more today. We'll try to clear them as fast as possible to remove the 'value'  to the spammers.


Pat Brower:
You folks do a fantastic job.

I kind of think of it as hitting the lottery . . .
I was finally just in the right place at the right time.

Now if I get that to just work out with the real lotto, lol!

Todd Ockert:

I log on here everyday unless I have no access.

Like today, we have been hit by two or three different new accounts.

I was looking to see if there is a way to make it so people can not post anything until their account is approved by an admin.
But it looks like our forum software does not have that feature.

It does require them to create the account, and then they get the email with the verify info. 
So, the spammers use someone to create the account, and then they turn it over to their automated spammer machine to flood our forums.

I ban the user once I see the spam.  I have thought of banning the IP address they use, but if a legitimate user tries to log on from that IP later on, they will never get on.
But I may start banning the IP though, as I think most of the spam is coming from a specific area/country IP range.

I do get an email when someone reports a post, so if you see something that is questionable, please report it.
I will look right away to see what it is, and if needed, I will delete it.



Pat Brower:
I completely forgot about that cute little "report" button!

I'm such a newb.

Well, that and the fact that you do such a great job that's the first time I've even seen any spam.



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