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Todd Ockert:

In the last 3 days, Peter and I have deleted 44 spammer accounts.  And today is not even half way over.
They are hitting us hard the last week or so.

What you can do to help us.
When they get past us, and do make a post, please do not click on it.
It tells them that they made a post, and someone clicked on it.  It also tells them that they might have a sight that may not be well moderated, and they will attempt to overrun it with spam and new spammer accounts. 
Peter and I ban and delete the accounts as soon as we see them.

What you can do to help us.

click on the report button on the lower right of the topic area.
Take a look at the bottom of the forum to see who is logged on.  If Peter or I or both are logged on, we are working to clear the spammers.
Between us, we have most of the 24 hour clock covered.

I do appreciate Peters help on this, and we are working hard to keep the forum clean of this trash. 



Pat Brower:
THANK YOU Todd and Peter!


I am sorry Todd ... but I am still looking for the "report" button you refer to??

Todd Ockert:

In the bottom right of a thread topic, there is a IP and to the left of it, is a report to moderator link.

That send a direct report of the post to myself and Peter.



Mike & Lu Anne Clark:

I just saw two more when I logged in just now.  I didn't click on either one.  It looks like you are is logged in right now if I'm seeing things correctly, so I'm sure you are working on them!  Thank you!!


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