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Author Topic: Insurance for 4x4 activities  (Read 2368 times)
Peter Vahry
UFWDA International Vice-President

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« on: October 14, 2009, 04:57:12 am »

There's a project that UFWDA have been investigating for a while and it involves insurance for activities/events of member organizations.

There will obviously be a cost, the question is... how is that applied?
One option is for the cost for each activity requiring cover, to be borne by that event.
Another option is for an overall policy. with the cost spread over all UFWDA members. (a system used in Australia and New Zealand where the fee is about $8 per member)

Your thoughts?

Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Inc, 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc, NZFWDA life member
Paul Hittie
Just a guy with a Jeep!

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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2009, 11:31:56 pm »

Peter here at GLFWDA the Association is required to carry a commercial liability policy in order to participate in the Trail Maintenance Grant program through the State's Department of Natural Resources.  The bonus with our policy is that at the time it was quoted, we also had four annual events either hosted directly by GLFWDA or sponsored by GLFWDA through one of our member clubs that required a similar amount of liability coverage in order to get s state permit for an event on public lands.  If a specific event requires riders added to the policy for additional named insured parties, or special coverage, we typically pass that cost along to the club or event, but the basic cost of the policy is borne by the Association.  So far we have not exceeded the four annual events that our underwriter included when quoting the policy, so we have not yet had to deal with how the incremental costs for the 5th and 6th events would be handled.  That would be a good problem to have to figure out though!

The best part is, as long as we meet our Trail Maintenance Grant requirements, the State of MI reimburses us for our insurance costs at the end of the year!


Member - What Lies Beyond Jeep Club
VP - Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association
Rick Bear

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PA Jeeps, Inc. - Jeep Show Chairman

« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2009, 05:18:58 pm »

This is an interesting subject and one that I've heard brought up over many years by Clubs for the Associations they are members of to look into but had never panned out.
Obviously you'll need to know if there is an interest/need for such a program and that will take a bit of time to conduct your survey.

I for one would support a program of this nature but feel that any cost should be covered by the event host. For those of you that don't know me, I have been the Chairman/Organizer of the PA Jeeps Annual Jeep Show for the past eight years and we have been dealing with event insurance for 14 years. The biggest problem with liability insurance for an event like ours had been finding a broker that understands clearly what is going on and NOT being fearful of how things are/will be monitored. When it's stated that the event is run by and monitored by "volunteers" with said Club/Organization they are understanding there is NO professionalism, proper judgement, when a clear written authority is not involved.

Yes, our event continues each year and we have had liability coverage and have been fortunate to find a broker with a reasonable cost knowing that there are 5,000+ people in attendance. However, our event is NOT on public land (rented business facility), nor is it a "trail ride" type of event that if it where would most likely send the cost beyond the event continuing.

Other Club events held here in Pennsylvania that are trail ride oriented are held at the Rausch Creek Off Road Park. To my understanding that insurance is covered under the Park's umbrella which in turn is within the registration fee for said event.

If UNITED where to acquire an insurance broker that can/will cover liability for Club events at a lower cost based on each individual event and its happenings I would like to hear of it and discuss it. But I don't think the UNITED membership as a whole should share that cost. Consider how many members of UNITED and its Associations actually are active at the thousands of events is most likely needed and even then I'm not convinced that a "cross-the-board" fee added to membership would go over very well in these times. I could be wrong, but time, surveys, polls, and serious discussion could/may change that.

Keep this subject going further...You are on to something that may very well be beneficial to EVERYONE within the OHV community.

"Do your duty and history will do you justice"
Peter Vahry
UFWDA International Vice-President

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« Reply #3 on: December 16, 2009, 04:22:16 am »


Do you already have events and the insurance costs you over a thousand and sometimes thousands of dollars? Check out the new UFWDA insurance program!

United Four Wheel Drive Associations is excited to announce that we now offer event insurance. The event insurance will be available to full roster supporting organizations, at a very affordable rate and will save them money to use in our united efforts to preserve and protect land access! If you are not a full roster supporting organization, we may be able to help. Contact us to find out if our rates can save you money.
The insurance rates are very affordable and in many cases should save our full roster member organizations thousands of dollars throughout the year. The insurance will allow organizations that may not have been able to afford an event because of insurance, an opportunity to now hold an event.
The policy covers liability around trail rides (including the trail ride portion), as well as club meetings, competitions and much more.

For more information please email insurance@ufwda.org 
or call 1-800-44UFWDA(448-3932).

Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Inc, 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc, NZFWDA life member
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