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Wheel in VA 2010?

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Is there going to be a Wheel-in in Virginia in 2010?

Huummm, GREAT question, if so I need to get it on my wheelin' calendar for 2010??  ???

Philip Sirota:
 ??? ???
Yes,,,,, we would like to know as well from down here in Florida?????? Looking forward to another GREAT RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil, Linda & our trail Mini Pin Cricket

Marti Pugh:
I am working on the 2010 calendar right now and it looks like the Wheel-in will be in June this year. I will know more after my meeting on Thursday about the actual dates but right now it looks like late June 2010. We are trying something different this year and announcing all of the events at one time and posting all of the registrations so the information will be out very soon.

Thank you for your patience and as soon as it is finalized we will let you know.


Please don't schedule it in conflict with the UFWDA AGM the week of June 14 in Traverse City, MI.


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