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Michigan-based Club Adopts over 36,000 acres of National Forest - and gets on TV

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Pat Brower:
The Two Trackers 4WDC Has been participating in United's Adopt-A-Forest program for many years now.  This year was their 12th Annual Forest Clean Up event.  This year also saw their first time on a State-wide TV program "Michigan Out of Doors".

Please see the MOoD story here:


It is the last story, beginning at 19.57 on the timer bar.

Keith Holman:
Thanks and Congratulations.

These activities are of benefit to all of us. Often its a tossup as to which is the greater benefit, the actual work or the publicity. Well-done on both!

Todd Ockert:
Congrats and well done.
Many clubs do work like this all the time, but fail to write an article or fully document the work for publication.

Well done on getting this on TV.

I don't think I will be doing to BFG Outstanding Trails list organization next year, but this would be a good nomination for the selection process.


Pat Brower:
Actually, since you mentioned it . . .

There aren't any 4x4 trails there yet, but because we've developed a good working relationship with the NFS over the course of this event, they've asked us to present them with a proposal for a set.  This is big since there are no 4x4 trails anywhere on the Huron-Manistee NF yet.  This would not only give us trails in our Adoption area, but also set a precedent that we could then use to try to start systems in other areas of Michigan's NFS lands.

Dave Logan:
What a great opportunity, Pat.   ;D
BTW, I have never heard of United's "Adopt-A-Forest" program.


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