Author Topic: It's Official! GLFWDA Now Holds a Position on the MSTAC ORV Advisory Workgroup!  (Read 1370 times)

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We received our official confirmation letter from the DNRE today.

GLFWDA has been named as a member of the Michigan Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council's (MSTAC) ORV Advisory Work-group (ORVAW). The ORVAW will handle the day to day operational items in much the same way the former ORV Advisory Board did. The only difference is that they will report to the MSATC instead of directly to the DNRE. MSTAC will have a work-group dedicated to each trail discipline; ORVs, Equestrian, Snowmobile, and Non-Motorized (Hiking and Biking).

Gaining a position in this capacity is something GLFWDA has been attempting to do for a long time.

Congratulations GLFWDA!
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That's GREAT!