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Virginia Wheel-in 2011 ??

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Do you know if there i going to be a Wheel-in in Virginia in 2011. I did see there i a Relay4Life in April which I will be signing up for. But not sure if there will be a Wheel-in.  Just wondering.

Tony Wheeler:
I believe all Wheel-Ins have been canx until further notice.

Todd Ockert:
The above is true about the wheel-ins being cancelled.
They did not make as much money as expected for the association.


Chris Boucher:
"on hold indefinately" sounds better to me...


Sounds less permanent.  I say bring them back, any money made is well worth it.

Peter Vahry:
You're right Chris... we just need someone to put forward a proposal that won't cost UFWDA money. We're happy to promote and endorse but don't have the personnel to co-ordinate an event.
There is value from a marketing viewpoint of raising UFWDA awareness among four wheelers and the potential of gaining some members... it's just that the business case is a tough one.

However, there may well be people who can find suitable land for such an exercise, which is the essential starting point.



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