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Utah - Motorized User Legislative Voice Day
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Date:                February 9, 2007
Time:                12:30 p.m.
Location:          Main public foyer of the house building on Capitol Hill
Objective: Is to gather a diverse group of motorized users and rally support for a group of bills affecting public lands.  Show our Utah State Legislature and the governorís office we are a united voting block and want land issues and public access to be taken more seriously.
The current bills and issues affecting public lands will be addressed by Michael Swenson, Executive Director for Utah Shared Access Alliance (USA-ALL), Representative Mike Noel, and other legislators.
Come dressed looking the part. Wear your riding gear, armor, helmets, USA-ALL t-shirts, whatever you wear when riding your ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, jeep, etc. PLEASE Get involved; bring your family especially your kids. Bring friends, co-workers, and any motorized user that supports responsible open access of public lands.
Leaflets will be handed out on how you can contact your representative in the legislature and gain their support. There will be opportunities for you to contact some of them that day. Just your simple presence will make a big statement to our elected officials.  Letís get together and make sure these issues are addressed and your values are protected.
Free Parking:  FREE all-day public parking for the 2007 Legislative Session for visitors with easy access and commute to Capitol Hill is located at the parking lot across from the Triad Building downtown.  The parking lot address is 300 West South Temple-site of the 2002 Olympics Medal Plaza.  No tokens are needed for this lot.  Please communicate your intention to visit the Capitol Hill Complex to the parking lot attendant.  The FREE UTA Bus #23 will service this lot and bring you to Capitol Hill. There is also free parking on the road just east of the capitol complex but space is very limited, you may have to park on this street north of the complex and walk a block or two back down to the capitol.
PLEASE help us with this by simply showing up, we would hate to put this on and only have a few people to show, we know thousands of you care, lets illustrate that by having a few hundred people there for support. Come and let our united voice be heard!
If you have ANY questions, or need help or directions please call our office we would be very happy to help.
JoAnne Butts


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