Author Topic: Push to reinstate Daphne Greene to OHVMR  (Read 2771 times)

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Push to reinstate Daphne Greene to OHVMR
« on: March 14, 2012, 08:44:21 pm »
As you probably know, the Governor has removed Daphne and without pressure may appoint an anti OHV person.
Please take the time to make a few calls/emails to let your elected officials know that UFWDA wants them to push hard for Daphne Greene to be reappointed as Deputy Director - this is extremely important to the OHV community.

Attached please find information provided by CORVA on whom to contact , and what points to stress in your calls and emails, along with bullet points stressing Daphne's successes as Deputy Director. Please use this information and send it out to all your email lists and contacts.
Instructions for call/email on behalf of Daphne Greene

 Mona Pasquil is in a Cabinet level position please be professional, polite and respectful. Ask for
help if you have questions.

 Find out what STATE Senate District you live in, we are only concentrating on Senators right
now. Know whether or not you are talking with a Democrat or Republican. Take five minutes
before you call or write and research them on line.

 If you live in Senator Runner or Fuller’s Districts then take this time to call and thank them for all
of the help.

 Send an email and follow up with a phone call to one of the people at the numbers provided, fax
numbers are provided as well if you are so inclined. A personal visit to the local office is always
welcome and helpful.

 Please DO NOT ask to have trails or OHV parks opened. This is about Daphne as a collaborator,
effective leader and someone that is trusted by both the environmental community as well as
the OHV community.

 Ask them to call, email or talk with the Senate Pro-Tem Daryl Steinberg (the leader of the Senate
and Democrats). Ask them to have him call the Governor to support Daphne.

 Talk about sustainable, family oriented OHV recreation that teaches people to have an
appreciation for the Natural Resources

 Look over the attached talking points about Daphne Greene and have them in front of you for
reference when you are on the phone.

SD 14 - Tom Berryhill – Chief of Staff – Laura Ortega 916-651-4014 – Carnegie and Frank Raines OHV
Parks. Fax 916-327-3523 Local number 209-576-6470 and Bob Phelan

SD 15 – Sam Blakeslee – Chief of Staff – Christine Robertson 916-651-4015 – Oceano Dunes SVRA Fax
number. 916-445-8081 Local number 805-549-3381 and talk with Courtney Kienow or

SD 16 – Michael Rubio – Chief of Staff – Cory Ayala 916-651-4016 Fresno and Kings counties (ie all the
visitors to Oceano live in his District) Fax 916-327-5989 local numbers Bakersfield 661-395-2620
talk to Al Wagner or Fresno 559-264-3070 talk to Dameane Douglas

SD 20 – Alex Padilla – Chief of Staff – Bill Mabie 916-651-4020 LA County Fax 916-324-6645 Local
number 818-901-5588 talk with Roberto Negrete or

SD 21 – Carol Liu – Chief of Staff Suzanne Reed 916-651-4021 LA County and Angeles NF Fax 916-324-
7543 Local number 818-409-0400 and talk with Tahra Goraya or

Call to thank Senator Runner at 916-651-4017 or call to thank Senator Fuller at 916-651-4018.

SD 19 – Tony Strickland – Chief of Staff – Kirk Hutson 916-651-4019 Los Padres NF Fax 916-324-7544
Local number 805-306-8886 talk to Chris Wangsaporn
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