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State of New Jersey proposes new rules for Off Road and other vehicles in State parks and forests.

The Department proposes a definition of “off-road vehicle.” The greater availability of
new types of off-road vehicles and the popularity of their use in State Parks and Forests is having
detrimental effects on many areas of New Jersey’s State Parks and Forests. Use of off-road
vehicles is causing erosion, destruction of the habitat for sensitive animals and plants, and other
negative impacts. The proposed definition applies to N.J.A.C. 7:2-3.4(d), Restriction on
operation of motor vehicles, which precludes the use of off-road vehicles on any land or water
under the jurisdiction of the State Park Service, except under limited circumstances. Although
the proposed definition includes “motorcycles,” as defined in the statutes governing motor
vehicles and traffic regulations, the Department has excluded from the proposed definition those
motorcycles that are designed to be licensed and operated on the public roadways and highways.
Such motorcycles include touring motorcycles, traditional or commuter-type, cruisers or
choppers, and sport bikes (sometimes referred to as “crotch rockets”). These motorcycles are not
designed to be operated off-road and are, therefore, excepted from the proposed definition.
Accordingly, unlike the vehicles categorized as off-road vehicles, motorcycles may be driven on
established public roads and in designated parking areas. (See also proposed amended N.J.A.C.
The Department is proposing a definition of “oversized vehicle.” An oversized vehicle,
such as a recreational camping vehicle (RV or motor home) or combination of vehicles and
trailers, does not fit into the standard sized parking spot of 10 feet x 20 feet, thereby taking up
more than one parking spot. A vehicle that requires more than one parking spot limits the
number of vehicles that can use the parking lot. This is a particular issue during peak season at
the parks. The fee specified in N.J.A.C. 7:2-17 for an oversized vehicle is greater than the fee
for a motor vehicle that is not oversized.

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