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The Big Dog Ultimate Adventure (BDUA) is a combination of two of Big Dogs Pack It In (PII) trips, north and south.  Normally each PII, north or south, is 3 days in duration over a holiday weekend.  For example, Labor Day weekend, Labor Day is always the first  Monday in September.  BDUA will be 4 days in duration, Fri, Sat, Sun & Labor Day.     

For BDUA we will need to take at least one vacation day, Friday, to make the four day BDUA.  Do not miss Friday.  Friday has the most beautiful sight on the entire east coast.   

The Big Dog himself will not drive his Jeep, rather he will drive a Chevy Duramax Diesel dually as a tow vehicle and tow an empty one-car trailer in case anyone breaks down badly and needs a tow back to civilization.  Can store gear in the bed of his truck. 

This BDUA will be entirely on the highway.  No off-roading.  Lots of sight-seeing, 12 beautiful landmarks.  No need to go to Colorado or Europe!  I have found many people don’t know what is in “their backyard!”  After this trip, you will know.   

If you can’t make Friday day and want to join up with us Friday night or Saturday morning, call me ahead of the BDUA and I will tell you where to meet us Friday night or Saturday morning and at what time. 

If you can’t stay with us through Monday, you can always leave on Sunday at any time. 

Everyone should bring maps of West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  I’ll have additional maps for you too.  MUST PRE-REGISTER for this BDUA.  I have reservations to make.   



Meet in Franklin West Virginia at the Fireside Cafe, formerly Thompson’s Restaurant, next to the Exxon station at 10 AM.  Leave at 11 AM. 

11 AM departure to see the most beautiful sight on the entire east coast.  Rival’s the view of the Grand Canyon from the south rim. 

Drive to the highest point in WV. 

Go to million dollar mock up of all terrain, trails, back roads and highways.  Open 9-4:30 everyday.   

30-45 minute foot-walking climb to the top of a spectacular rock formation. 

Go to the Sods.

Gift shop and/or caverns.  9-5PM   

Go to the campground we are staying for one night, Friday night.  Tent camping like at Big Dogs.  If you want a cabin or hotel, tell me ahead of time of the BDUA.  We have them.  Hot showers available at the campground.       


9 AM sharp leave for the 12 zip lines and surprise.  This event goes to 12 AM noon.   
Get an earlier start time like 9 or 8 AM if possible.  7 or 8 AM is possible.   8-1-12 

Lunch at nearby restaurant on corner of road that goes to the highest point in WV. 

150 foot waterfall       

Abandoned fire tower. 

Across the bridge and on to the Blackwater 100 road.     

Camp on the lake first of two nights.  Tent camping like at Big Dogs.  If you want a cabin or hotel, tell me ahead of time of the BDUA.  We have them.  .       

Honi Honi Bar or other restaurants Saturday night               


Water park

Afternoon, speed boat for 3 hours, water ski and sight-see the lake from the lake! 

Camp on the lake second of two nights.         


White water rafting

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Waters”  This is for the women!   

Plan for home. 


You don’t have to pay for everything unless you want.  MUST PRE-REGISTER.                 

$ 95  12 Zip lines, per person                 
   30   Campgrounds per vehicle – three nights unless you cabin. 
 125   Ski boat for 3 hours
   22   Water Park per person
   60   White water rafting per person
   25   Frank Lloyd Wright’s “falling Waters” per person 
   30   Big Dogs
 ____ Food and fuel on your own.   
 387   Total   
 167   Without the 12 Zip lines and Ski boat.       

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