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About the UFWDA Voice online magazine


UFWDA Forum Admin:
The "VOICE" is the quarterly online publication of United, that reaches our members to share and exchange the activities of the United organization and it's member clubs and associations.

The online magazine format regularly features reports from our hard-working officers, plus articles and news from our member associations and clubs, both here in the states and from around the world.

With the online format, photographs are important to support articles and are needed as good quality 300dpi digital files.

We encourage your club or association to send in 4x4 travel stories, club news, land alerts etc. to be incorporated into either the VOICE and/or the United Website, designed for the UFWDA membership. If you have an idea for an article for The Voice, then please put the proposal forward to editor@ufwda.org

For advertising and other information about the Voice, contact: business@ufwda.org


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