Author Topic: OK the Status of OHV on BLM land  (Read 1045 times)

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OK the Status of OHV on BLM land
« on: October 19, 2012, 06:18:58 pm »

Try to make a meeting Wed 23 October at Mi Casa 2 on Fourth Street, Reno, Nevada

If you care, please RSVP NOW

After many meetings, these are the confirmed people who have something they feel is important to share.
1.      Nick Haris AMA Western States Manager.
2.      Greg Mumm, Share the Trails and BRC, Executive Director.
3.      Paul Jackson Nevada OHV Commission Chairman
4.      Gary Lambert Nevada Trail Stewards

Issues include
1.      Rec use permits / Racing
2.      BLM Resource Management Plan, Travel Management Plan
3.      Route Inventory 
4.      How to improve the way events are billed and permitted.
5.      Is it possible to make this a model District? / Perhaps, Brian Hawthorn thinks it is worth really trying and he is better at the issue than anyone else I know of, and is ready to step up and has a plan.

Agenda to include
1.      Pre meeting / Mapping workshop, from 5- 7 Please bring a GPS files and maps/ pens. Just some open time to make up maps / plan for locations that can be promoted for racing and recreational uses. This work must be done and we will all help you to improve this process.

2.      Meeting 7-8 PM
a.      AMA intro by Nick Haris
b.      Paul Jackson;  Question, what is your vision of OHV recreation in Nevada’s future.
                                                    i.     Nevada Counties and OHV
                                                   ii.     Values of OHV
                                                  iii.     Things that are needed
                                                  iv.     Likely out comes of RMP
1.      Things that affect the outcome of the plans; that are on the way to all of our families and their futures.

3.      Gary Lambert
  i.     Connecting routes.
  ii.     Importance of urban interface.
    iii.     Trail heads
    iv.     Race courses
     v.     Cost Recovery and its application in the Sierra     Front office.                     
  vi.     The need to explain how you use public lands? WHY should we explain this to the Government?

4.      Share the Trails / Blue Ribbon Coalition and Greg’s Out-reach tour.

5.      Open  8-8:30

6.      Please attend! Call or Email to confirm Limited space.
Gary B.Lambert
Nevada Commissioner of Off Highway Vehicles
Chair of Mapping and Economic Impact
NOHVCC Nevada Partner 
1050 Columbia Way, Reno, Nevada 89502
(775) 224-0361

Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Inc, 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc, NZFWDA life member, Friends of 42 Traverse Inc.