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Have yall lost a wheel and gone in the ditch?

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Doc Elliott:
Posted to the SFWDA 2013 1/4ly meeting minutes:

--- Code: ---Should we remain a part of UFWDA?
SFWDA mailed United 4WDA a check for 2012 dues,
United never returned correspondence
with us so we placed a stop pay on the
check in December. We have still not heard from them.

--- End code ---

Newsletter is here:  http://www.sfwda.org/pdf/2013LeadershipMeeting.pdf

What the hell, guys?

Doc Elliott:
And now, after perusing this forum and noticing all the thank-yous for $$$ and support, I'm DOUBLY PISSED.


Paul Hittie:
I hate to ask the obvious, but did anyone from SFWDA contact Treasurer or Membership Director to verify that the check was actually received? 

Pat Brower:
I have to admit that this is the first time I've heard anything about it and I get copies of all the correspondence!

Members are WAY too important to let slide like that.  There's no way UFWDA would not cash, nor correspond, with someone sending in some dues.  We'd LOVE to have SFWDA on board; there MUST be some shenanigans going on over at the post office.


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