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Survey for Oakland County Parks & Rec on an ORV park project


Peter Vahry:
We have been working with Oakland County Parks & Rec on an ORV park project.  (the location has not been finalized)  One of the challenges we have is that there is no hard data on the number of ORV users (or potential users) within Oakland County.  In addition, there are questions about who may travel from out of the county to a facility here.  So, even though you may not be an ORV user, or you may not visit ORV sites around the state, please look at this survey and see if it may apply to you.  In addition, we are on a time crunch to acquire some numbers, so please pass this on to your friends and neighbors who may be ORV users.
Even though I am a jeep guy, we are looking for all types of ORVís.  Motorcycles, quads, ATVís, SXSís, buggies and full size vehicles all apply.
Thanks a bunch.


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