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Committees to look into viability of proposed grants for OHV park


Peter Vahry:
Lynn Weide

Staff writer

Forest Countyís Off-Road Vehicle Park Oversight Committee, along with members of the Forestry Committee, called a meeting Monday to consider working with WORVPI (Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Inc.) in determining whether the off-road project would fit eligibility requirements for state grants.

WORVPI President John Schnorr and Chuck Brys of the Small Business Development Center gave a presentation on the benefits of the 10,293-acre park, reiterating that the park could conceivably make about $2 million in profits in the first three years, based on conservative estimates.

Talk then turned to the projectís funding mechanisms.

As revealed previously in a presentation to the County Board, WORVPI planned for approximately half of the project to be funded by state grants, most notably the Knowles-Nelson State Stewardship grants.



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