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The following Recreation Statistics Updates are based on recent results from the
National Survey on Recreation and the Environment (NSRE). These Updates provide
up to date estimates of recreation activity participation. They are meant to
supplement the statistics reported in Outdoor Recreation for 21st Century America,
a book published by Venture Publishing, College Station, PA. Copies of Outdoor
Recreation for 21st Century America may be obtained from Venture Publishing at
their website ( or telephone at 1-814-234-4561.
This research is part of the Forest Service's Forest and Rangeland Renewable
Resources Assessment project (see To see more of
our recreation and tourism research and to read about the NSRE, visit
( Statistics Updates may be accessed by
selecting one of the following:

    * Selected recreation participation trends by demographics, regions and activity -
    * Recreation participation for Forest Service regions -
    * Local area recreation participation for each National Forest -