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Jim Mazzola:
It's titled Awareness, Can I assume we're talking about the Safety awareness program????
If so, I hope Chris chimes in here, we've got questions....... ???
jim mazzola

UFWDA Forum Admin:
Jim I have updated the forum name so that it perhaps is a little clearer.

I would like to have Chris check in once in a while but we will have to work on that.  For now please post your questions, call me or e-mail me and I will act as a surrogate to getting them answered.

Or I would suggest a call directly to Chris if you would rather speak to him.

- Shawn

Jim Mazzola:
I've been trying to get our DNR to recognize the Safety Awareness program as a viable entity. They seem reluctant and I would like to have a short 'Facts about the Awareness Program' that could be recited when trying to 'sell' the program to Land Managers, Dealers, Sponsors , etc... Things like history of the program, which manufacturers use it, which humanitarian agencies use it (Red Cross),  Are there any state agencies that use it for their OHV / ORV program education. Is it taught in any schools, Where? How many individual have been taught to date.
As you can see, a general 'sales brochure' which will enable us to effectively sell the program.

UFWDA Forum Admin:
Jim I agree a good sales brochure would go along way.

Let me get back to you with the answers to your questions, but since I don't have the data in front of me it will take me until Monday.  Just happens to be that I'm sitting at the computer screen on a Friday afternoon.

- Shawn

UFWDA Forum Admin:
Jim Chris T. is going to give you a call to find out some more specifics about what they DNR might be looking for an how Chris and the Awarness program can help.

Meanwhile here are answer to your questions from the Awareness Materials and the UFWDA Website (I would like to thank Carla Boucher) for pulling these answers together.

History of the program? 

Driving off-highway requires a knowledge, understanding and skill different from diving on-road.  It is for this reason the UFWDA 4WD Safety Awareness Program was created in 1993.  The program teaches the fundamentals of off-highway driving and recovery techniques, four-wheel drive vehicle components, accessories and equipment so users can drive in safe, aware, and environmentally sustainable ways.  Since 1991 when UFWDA first realized the need to educate four wheel drive enthusiasts about off-highway vehicle responsibility, the program has developed with the assistance of experts across a wide-range of corporations and experience.  Land Rover North America has been instrumental in developing the program to its current professional status currently utilizing facets of the program in its own corporate driver instruction program.  UFWDA has been honored to build this program with the expertise of Daphne Green, the first women to ever participate in the famed Camel Trophy competition and Deputy Director of the California State Parks’ Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Divison. 

Any manufacturers using it?

Land Rover North America and Hummer (now a division of DaimlerChrysler) have four wheel drive training programs dating back before the UFWDA program was created in 1993.  However, manufacturer programs are not available to people outside of their corporations and thus the UFWDA was created to reach and teach four wheel drive enthusiast and new instructors.  The Land Rover program has incorporated facets of the UFWDA program. 

Any humanitarian agencies using it (Red Cross)?

There are no Non-Governmental humanitarian organizations utilizing the UFWDA 4WD Safety Awareness Program at their corporate level.  In contrast, however, many humanitarian volunteers and staff have been trained with the UFWDA program.  These include members of state-wide and regional Trail Search and Rescue organizations, team leaders for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Services and Disaster Assessment Teams, as well as members sitting on Citizen Corps Councils, a governmental collection of volunteer programs to educate the public, the media, and primary response agencies in disaster response needs. 

Are there any state agencies that use it for their OHV / ORV program education?

Don't know, none that we are aware of.

Is it taught in any schools, Where?

No.  The UFWDA 4WD Safety Awareness Program training curriculum is suitable for secondary education facilities but application within a specific school system has not been obtained. 

How many individual have been taught to date? How many instructors?

Since its inception in 1993 thousands of individuals have been taught the UFWDA 4WD Safety Awareness Program.  In addition, over 50 people have been taught the UFWDA program and possess additional education and credentials and are certified by UFWDA as instructors.   Chris (Awareness) and Billie Jeanne (Treasurer) are working at how to compile the actual numbers into useable data.

- Shawn


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