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Valerie Douglas:
Colorado is the first state to take a form of UFWDA Volunteer Trail Patrol and launch it state wide.  Our program includes working with area FS and BLM managers and personnel to assist in the education of proper user ethics regarding OHV's.  Our program is backed by the FS and BLM's approval and cooperation.  This took a lot of man hours to meet, draft training, make decisions on reporting, etc. but it has turned out to be a great program that was worth all the hard work during start up.

A pilot program was run in the Boulder Ranger District to get an idea if the program would work state wide.  The Boulder Ranger District gave the program glowing reviews after 4 months, and the decision was made to launch state wide. 

As of August 2005, the Colorado Trail Patrol (CTP) was launched state wide and included all user groups of OHV's to be trained (motorcycles, ATV's, side by sides, and 4WD). The CTP is part of the Stay The Trail Colorado campaign for responsible recreation.  As of June, 2006 there are 78 individuals that have completed training and certification for the CTP.  There are 200 more individuals slated to be trained in 2006 and approximately 600 in 2007. 

Chris Boucher:
Congrats on your accomplishment.  I am envious of your ability to find volunteers in your association to ramrod such a project.

Valerie Douglas:
Ironically enough it has been a 50/50 split between clubs in the association and general user groups not associated with a club.  Working with the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition on gaining contacts outside of 4x4 clubs has been instrumental in the success and volunteer rate.  That coupled with the Stay The Trail campaing, which is in it's big awareness push this year, has also increased volunteer numbers and training sessions.  I know Carla thought I was crazy when I asked her what she thought about a state wide launch, but with the correct strategy, it is working so far.

I'll make sure I keep this board updated on the CTP progress.  There is an OHV Workshop in July in Steamboat Springs, CO that I am training a class at. It ties in well with the workshop theme of the implementation of the National OHV Rule and how user groups can help.

GREAT job Valerie and all your fellow CO volunteers!

We hope to make it out to CO in 2007 for the United Annual Meeting, perhaps Gene (?) will show us some areas where you folks have been working.

Thanks for your efforts to keeps trails open and maintained for others too.

Don Porter:
Is there a schedule for training re: the Colorado Trail Patrol Program for 2007?  I'm from FL, but spend several months each year in SW CO, Silverton, Montrose, Gunnison, and would be interested in qualifying.  Maybe qualification could be transferred to FL.  I don't see any FL involvement yet.


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