Flathead National Forest Forest Plan updating

MONTANA: The Flathead National Forest is embarking on a multi-year process to update its Forest Plan, the document that guides how the forest manages your public lands. The Forest Plan provides direction for managing resources and activities such as recreation, fish and wildlife habitat, historic and sacred sites, vegetation, mineral exploration and development, and timber.
The Forest Service is holding 4 public field trips which will each focus on subject matter important to the Forest Plan. During these field trips the public is asked to share their values and the benefits they derive from the Flathead National Forest as well as provide input to help the forest staff accurately capture the current conditions on the forest.
Trips will run from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM (except for August 29 which includes a stop at the Spotted Bear Ranger District with a 5:00 PM return). The trips will begin and end at the Flathead County Fairgrounds with transportation provided.

1. August 8 – Forest vegetation and disturbances including fire, timber harvest, and forest products (Tally Lake Ranger District)

2. August 29 – Recreation settings, opportunities and access, native knowledge, existing wilderness and scenic character (Hungry Horse/Spotted Bear Ranger Districts)

3. September 12 – Terrestrial and aquatic habitats, threatened and endangered species, species of conservation concern, and invasive species (Swan Lake Ranger District)

4. September 26 – Inventoried roadless areas, recommended wilderness, and wild and scenic rivers (Glacier View Ranger District)
* Social science, economics, and the role and contributions of the Flathead National Forest will be a component of each of the field trips.
The information shared, and the feedback received, will be used to develop and finalize the assessment, determine needs for change, and to draft a proposed plan.
RSVP to Wade Muehlhof (ewmuehlhof@fs.fed.us or 406-758-5252) at least one week before the field trip(s) you plan to attend. Visit the Flathead National Forest Plan Revision page to learn more. http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/flathead/landmanagement/planning/?cid=stelprdb5422786&width=full