A lawsuit was filed jointly by Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, BlueRibbon Coalition, and United Four Wheel Drive Associations on 5/18/10 for the purpose of challenging the closure of Upper Tellico ORV Area. The timing of the suit was in some ways motivated by the speed with which the US Forest Service was contracting for decommissioning of the existing ORV trail system and our joint desires to keep decommissioning from progressing until our case was heard.

In lieu of filing for injunctive relief it was decided by group consensus to move instead for aggressive Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). A status conference, in conformance with federal rules of court, was held on 6/29/10 at which time the parties, in conference with a federal magistrate assigned to the case discussed the timing of progression of the case and the desire for ADR was introduced to the court. ADR was approved and the mediation is scheduled in Charlotte, NC on 9/24/10.