Private Property

UFWDA Guide to Honoring Private Property Owners

Honoring the rights of private property owners is not really different than obeying the rules when recreating on publically-managed land.

Our philosophy is straight forward: If you don’t have specific permission to wheel there then don’t.

  • Get permission before you drive on private property
  • Do not trespass
  • Avoid riding in areas just because “everyone wheels here all the time without permission”
  • Permission given to someone else to be on private property does not necessarily mean you have permission to be there
  • When you trespass you blemish the reputation of all 4×4 users
  • Your decision today impacts everyone else’s access tomorrow, including your own
  • Before you drive on private property ask yourself
    • Do I have permission to be here
    • Does someone with whom I’m with have permission for ME to be here
    • If your answer to either question is “no” or “I don’t know” then don’t drive there