Why Join UFWDA?

The answer is simple, there is power in numbers! If you want United Four Wheel Drive Associations to be able to continue to make a positive impact on national legislation and in turn on your local level, we need the support of the entire four wheel drive enthusiast community. While what you do on the local level is effective, local legislators follow the lead of the national legislators and we represent you on that level. The success that you have had, has been because of the legislation that is passed and the work that is done on a national level to set that precedent. Without national representation those successes will not continue.

Formed in 1976, United Four Wheel Drive Associations has seen its share of ups and downs, good and bad times. Any organization that has been around for almost 40 years will tell the same story. What is unique about UFWDA is that we are still the only International Organization that represents you, the 4 x 4 enthusiast, only. United Four Wheel Drive Associations is here to represent you on the issues that impact your lifestyle.

Whether you are interested in OHV parks or private lands, UFWDA can benefit you. The Anti-access groups are very well organized and work very hard to close the areas where you enjoy your sport. It is imperative that we have ONE National and United voice that represents you! You can be involved as little, or as much as you like. Simply joining makes a great difference. Let your voice be heard.

Join today and become part of the collective voice!

Benefits of Membership


United Four Wheel Drive Associations offers many programs for education. UFWDA has the 4WD Awareness Course which offers the enthusiast the opportunity to learn about the sport of four wheeling, proper equipment and its usage.

UFWDA also offers information on how to start a club, where to join a club and whether or not your club should be incorporated.

Last, but not least, we offer the Volunteer Trail Patrol Program which educates the enthusiasts on proper user ethics and how to be a great land steward.


UFWDA offers two publications, The ‘UFWDA Voice’  online magazine and the UFWDA eNews publication.

The UFWDA Voice is distributed on a quarterly basis and has a little bit of everything. The Voice publishes articles and photographs from members, clubs or associations and articles from professional contributors such as  Bill Burke of Bill Burke’s 4-Wheeling America.

The UFWDA eNews publication is monthly and offers information that is more time sensitive and cannot wait for the Voice publication. You will find great international articles, land use alerts and information, and much more!

HOW TO JOIN UFWDA – Click here for details.