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Truckhaven Update - July 17
« on: July 17, 2006, 04:40:37 pm »
The California Public Works Board approved the site selection for the Truckhaven Acquisition after pulling it from the consent callendar at their Friday (July 14) meeting.

It passed unanimously.

Next step will be final approval at the August 11th meeting. They need positive letters of support for the acquisition project.

A sample letter is posted at under the Truckhaven Acquisition link.

Letters should stress importance of this area to recreation interests, support for balanced stewardship of resources while maintaining access, recognition that the state will do a long term public land use management plan after acquisition, and that in the interim, State Parks will provide protection of resources while recognizing existing uses and access.

Letters should be addressed to:

State Public Works Board
Karen Finn, Administrative Secretary to the State Public Works Board
915 L Street, 9th Floor, Sacramento CA 95814-3706

e-mail: ""

Please provide a copy to:

Rick LeFlore -

and me: