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Ocala National Forest Comments
« on: July 16, 2007, 09:39:58 am »
We need comment letters sent for the Ocala NF ADP Phase 2.  Please send your comments to

Thanks for your help

Jennifer Hawkins

Form letter

<Your Name, Address>

Dear Mr. Lint,

As a Four Wheel Drive Recreational user with a licensed 4X4 vehicle I wish to offer my support for Forest Service preferred Alternative 3 for route designation in the Phase 2 section of the Ocala National Forest ADP.

Maintaining a desirable and sustainable public access roadway system for licensed vehicles will provide opportunities for enjoying the natural environment in terms of interpretative trails, wildlife viewing, hunting and other family related activities such as camping. Other forms of recreation such as ATV, OHM and Jeep/4X4 trail riding requires specific designation that accounts for our respective interest and sustainability if the Access Designation is to be successful, managed appropriately and address the public's concern of desirable recreation.

By providing a specific route for Four Wheel Drive vehicles land managers will be able to focus our motorized recreation to desired areas of the Forest and lesson any impact on the remaining public access travel way system.

Myself and my fellow Four Wheel Drive Club Members are looking forward to assist with the installation of signage for trailheads, obstacles and other areas along the trail. We appreciate the opportunity to offer our suggestions for a better recreation plan for our use and look forward to working with you.


<Your name>
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Re: Ocala National Forest Comments
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Glad to help.

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Re: Ocala National Forest Comments
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Sent... ;)
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Re: Ocala National Forest Comments
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2007, 11:52:22 am »
Sent; with an email to several friends who live in Florida to do the same.  Please keep us posted on the progress down there Jennifer.