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Notice of New Fee Site; Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act,
(Title VIII, Pub. L. 108-447)

AGENCY: Coronado National Forest, USDA Forest Service, Tucson, Arizona.

ACTION: Notice of New Fee Site.


SUMMARY: The Coronado National Forest proposes to begin charging a new
$150.00 per day fee for rental of the Rockfellow House located 10 miles
west of Sunsites, Arizona. Rental of the Cabin includes overnight use.
Rental of the cabin and other facilities within the Arizona National
Forests has shown that the public appreciates and enjoys the
availability of historic rental facilities. Funds from the rentals will
be used for the continued operation and maintenance of the Rockfellow

DATES: Rockfellow House will become available for rent July, 2008.

ADDRESSES: Coronado National Forest, 300 West Congress, Tucson, AZ

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kathy Makansi, Archaeologist, Coronado
National Forest, (520) 760-2502.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Federal Recreation Lands Enhancement Act
(Title VII, Pub. L. 108-447) directed the Secretary of Agriculture to
publish a six month advance notice in the Federal Register whenever new
recreation fee areas are established. The

[[Page 65291]]

Coronado National Forest currently has one other rental facility. This
facility is booked regularly throughout the rental season. A business
analysis for the rental of the Rockfellow House shows that people
desire having this sort of recreation experience on the Coronado
National Forest. A market analysis indicates that the $150.00 daily fee
is both reasonable and acceptable for this sort of unique recreation
    People wanting to rent the Rockfellow House will need to do so
through the National Recreation Reservation Service, at or by calling 1-877-444-6777. The National

Recreation Reservation Service charges a $9 fee per reservation.

    Dated: November 13, 2007.
Jeanine Derby,
Forest Supervisor, Coronado National Forest.
[FR Doc. 07-5753 Filed 11-19-07; 8:45 am]

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