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« on: January 22, 2008, 09:29:20 am »
Here is the latest from the OHV4TN organization:

"Okay Tennessee OHV'ers, the OHV agency switch (from TWRA to TDEC) has been introduced in both the House and the Senate.  HB2628 & SB2837.  The verbiage is mostly the same as the TCA Title 70, Chapter 9.

For those of you new to the Tennessee Off Highway Vehicle Act of 2003, the perserverance of alot of dedicated people over a 10+ year period of time, culminated in the creation of this Act which was signed into law by both the legislature and the current Governor and enacted in 2004.  It's intent was for a statewide system of trails to be created in the state of Tennessee.

The OHV program has been housed ever since at TWRA.  We should always be thankful for that courtesy.  But the true intent of the Act was never developed.  Now we have the opportunity to see the program actually birthed at an agency (TDEC) who will get the job done.  OHV use is actually in their "critical unmet needs" recreation category.  Funny, we knew that we've been critical for quite some time.  It is always refreshing to read it in print from a government agency.

Although, in theory, this is just "housekeeping" legislation with no fiscal note attached, it would be ideal to have as many legislators as we can to sign on to it before it comes up for a vote.  Today is January 21, don't wait for more than 30 days from today to make that call.  Remember, they are public servants, and you are the public.  They really do want to hear from you.

Here are the bill details:

Rep. Judd Matheny is the House sponsor (HB2628)
Sen. Jim Tracy is the Senate sponsor (SB2837)

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to shoot me an email (  I will look up your legislator contact information and/or guide you thru the process.  It is really pretty easy. 

And when you get a chance, go to our website and sign the guestbook.  That will put you automatically in the loop for all updates.  And mark your calenders for May 31.  We will be putting together the OHV State Organization that will help guide this new program.  We need all heads at the

And BTW, the reason why all of this is happening is because SFWDA hired me to be their lobbyist last year to find a way to get this program up and running.  That is your dues at work.

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