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ULAF Memorium to Alan Lane
« on: April 22, 2008, 01:26:04 pm »

For More Information
Contact:  Carla Boucher, or (757) 546-7969

Chesapeake, VA, April 21, 2008 –  The United Land Action Fund, Inc. (ULAF) and United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA) announced today that Alan Lane, Director of Administration for the ULAF, passed away on Tuesday, April 15, 2008.  A memorial service was held by the family on Thursday, April 17, 2008.  Alan passed away from cancer, in the company of his family, at his home in Evansville, Indiana. 

Alan served as the Director of Administration for the ULAF since its inception in 2000.  He was the driving force behind the ULAF from its infancy through today.  Alan was single-handedly responsible for nearly all the educational initiatives of the ULAF, including creation of the grant application for ULAF funds, creation of the ULAF Harold Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund, creation of The Responsible 4WDriver, Road Rules On & Off Pavement Etiquette, and enthusiast access to the Congressional Directory.   Carla Boucher, who previously served on the advisory board of the ULAF since 2000, will assume Alan’s responsibilities on an interim basis.

Alan was a member of the Tri-State 4 Wheelers and held many positions throughout his life, as President, Secretary, Land Use Coordinator, Activities Director, News Editor, and Delegate to the Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association (IFWDA).

Alan also worked tirelessly for four wheel drive enthusiasts throughout the state of Indiana by volunteering in IFWDA as Director of Environmental Affairs, Delegate to UFWDA, 4 Wheel Drive Awareness Instructor, Representative for IFWDA in the Indiana Sportsmen’s Roundtable and Discover Indiana Riding Trails (D.I.R.T.), Representative for IFWDA on the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (Environmental Impacts subcommittee), Indiana Trails 2000, Indiana Trails Advisory Board and Special Use Task Force for ORV Management Plan.  Also on a local and state level, Alan’s duties also entailed coordinating cooperative work projects on federal and state lands, with such efforts as Take Pride in America and National Trails Day, Greenway & Trails conferences/planning, Visiting Nurses Association, and Emergency Management Agency, to name a few.  Recently, Alan served the four wheel drive community through his tireless work with the Interlake project with the State of Indiana Department of Natural Resources. 

Alan served the international four wheel drive community in various ways as well.  He sat as Director of Environmental Affairs for UFWDA from 1996 to 2000.  It was in 2000 that Alan shifted his efforts from his position of officer for UFWDA to his stalwart position as Director of Administration for the ULAF.  Alan was recognized for his contribution to the sport when he was awarded the prestigious UFWDA Environmental Four Wheeler of the Year award in 2002. 

“Alan was a leader in the quietest and most persuasive of ways”, said attorney for UFWDA Carla Boucher.  “I hold Alan in the highest esteem, as everyone he’s ever come into contact with does.  He served as my mentor, my confidant, and my closest advisor.  I could always look to Alan to know everyone and everything related to land use and four wheeling”, she went on to say. 

Alan’s absence will be felt deeply by his friends and colleagues in the four wheel drive community, from his local wheeling friends, to the State of Indiana and his work with the Department of Natural Resources, to his friends across the globe. 

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The United Land Action Fund (ULAF) is a501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting four wheel driving by providing assistance in educating enthusiasts and the general public, grant request assistance, monitoring the needs of four wheelers in their quest to keeping access open and owning the vehicles of their choice.  ULAF, P.O. Box 15696, Chesapeake, VA 23328, (757) 546-7969. 
Carla Boucher, Attorney
United Four Wheel Drive Associations
P.O. Box 15696
Chesapeake, VA  23328
(757) 546-7969

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Re: ULAF Memorium to Alan Lane
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Thank you, Carla.  That's a wonderful tribute.  He will be missed.
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Re: ULAF Memorium to Alan Lane
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What I will miss most is Alan's ability to find reference to fourwheeling and fourwheelers in the strangest of places.  When he was United's Land Use Director, and while working with him on the ULAF, Alan would send packages containing articles he had found in many different publications that were fourwheeling related.  You would wonder what he was doing reading this or that obscure magazine to find that one page article or sometimes even just a single paragraph.  The man was definitely devoted to the sport, and always hard at work to preserve it for future generations.

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Re: ULAF Memorium to Alan Lane
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Re: ULAF Memorium to Alan Lane
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It's funny that you said that about Alan.  I remember that EVERY meeting we attended with him, whether it was a BOD meeting or a general meeting, everyone always joked that they had to bring an extra suitcase to accomodate all of the material that Alan brought for us.  He definitely provided us with plenty of reading material for the trip home.

You may recall, that when he was Environmental Affairs Director, before we had Carla, he mailed out land use reports to the BOD and the delegates every quarter.  They were his work and he handwrote each and every envelope himself.  It was obvious that he worked tirelessly in what he called his basement "War Room".  It makes me smile to remember teasing him about the number of trees he was .........  He will really be missed...  Billie Jeanne